Friday, July 29, 2011

A Cacophony of Containers

In high summer, gardens in pots give you a huge color hit and can dress up small areas where you can't squeeze in a garden bed. 

Here are some nice ones I've seen in my travels:


Sensational succulents at Longwood.
Agaves, Santolina, and Sedum are all plants that can take the heat
and don't require constant irrigation. 

A collection of slate blue plants and pots at Longwood.

Blue combined with lilac and yellow in pots DTM (dyed to match) make an 'over the top' display. Somewhat imposing in stature, this group is certainly well thought out.  Agave, Salvia, Verbena, and Scaevola are the headliners here.

Shade can be colorful with begonias at Longwood.

 Begonias of all shapes and sizes complement
the large Breynia (Hawaiin Snowbush).

Tree hydrangea and friends at Longwood.

Hydrangea P.G. (tree hydrangea) is the standout in this group.
No fear in using hardy shrubs here! 

Another creative combo for shade at Longwood.

These are all moisture loving plants in appropriate
glazed pots with Petasites taking center stage.

Spectacular cane begonia at Longwood.

OMG! This magnificent cane begonia dripping with pink flowers stops traffic.

Get their attention at 45 mph in Port Jervis, NY.

Speaking of traffic... Canna, Petunia, Coleus, Salvia, and Begonia in hot colors cause rubbbernecking downtown.

Get their attention at 45 mph in Port Jervis, NY.

A closer look.

West Hurley Garage "Barrel-mania."

Canna, Coleus, Pennisetum, and Supertunias razzle dazzle at the pump.

Giant veggie pots at the Mohonk Greenhouse.

Squash, tomato, and edible greens are perfect for XXL pots.

Another giant veggie pot.

Give your squash a support to climb on so the fruit will not be hidden.

Not-so-simple basket at the Mohonk Greenhouse.

Fancy-leaved Geranium, Petunia Sangria,
and Plectranthus grow in a hanging burlap lined basket.

Basil and lemons

Simple... Basil (African Blue)

Hope you enjoyed the tour! Until next time...