Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Garden Holiday - "The American Potager"

It's high summer on the mountain and as we put the last plants in the ground (spring plants that is) our focus leans toward August and the annual Garden Holiday program. This will be a first of several posts featuring some guest presenters this year.  I would like to introduce you to Karin Skalla who will be discussing 'The American Potager."  A recent description of the class went like this, the American Potager whether in the ground or potted on the patio brings the melodious melange of edibles and ornamentals to the gardener's door step. Karin Skalla shares her love and horticultural expertise on this tres chic subject.
Karin was gardening at Mohonk some 10 years ago and went on to pursue her love of painting and planting for private clients. When Karin is following horticultural interests or those on canvas, she dabbles in all things equestrian.
Below a recent photo shows Karin and yours truly hovering over a XXL pot loaded with flowers, herbs and veggies that Karin will feature here in August. Her inherent sense of color and style is readily seen when she selects plants for combinations.  The most important thing is that it's not just pretty- you can eat it too!
Not only will we be discussing pots but we have been inspired to turn our greenhouse garden into part Potager, very exciting.
Karin will be coming to Mohonk Wednesday August 29th- don't miss it!