Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Talk about "What's New?"

The world of coneflowers or plants in the genus Echinacea has been turned upside down in recent years due to some remarkable hybrids showing up with new flower forms and cutting edge color breaks. 

It all started with the common species pupurea .This species was crossed with 4 other species from around the country. The results were startling at first and matching the cultural requirements was challenging. We are taking on that challenge with a trial of 15 new varieties in 2013. Here is the "Rogues Gallery"(tongue-in-cheek) we will grow this summer. You will need your entire crayon box for this one. Our thanks to Terra Nova Nursery for this trial. 

Visit them at www.terranovanurseries.com

Secret Passion
Supreme Cantaloupe
Flame Thrower
Secret Love
Tomato Soup
Glowing Dream
Amazing Dream
Colorburst Orange
Secret Glow
Supreme Elegance
Tangerine Dream