Monday, June 3, 2013

June Means Oodles of Flowers Here at MMH

Peonies. peonies and more peonies!  

The gardens are full of them and between now and Father's Day they command our attention. Not only for the delectable flowers but the sweet fragrance as well. Peony (correctly Paeonia) is an extremely long lived herbaceous perennial from Siberia and Northern China. A major planting was done here in the '20s. That combined with a new batch in 2008 makes our current display. YUMMY....remember the presence of ants on Peony buds is all because of the nectar the buds excrete.  NTW (Not To Worry).

Dr. Alexander Fleming
Just Imagine the Fragrance

A Little More About Roses...

'William Baffin,' an Explorer rose that is hardier than hardy and never fails to disappoint with this shower of pink flowers at the Rose garden entrance. Our roses (even those which fell pray to the pesky rabbits) are glorious in June. Only the strong survive and that is particularly true of the roses we grow. I promise to be back with more pics as June unfolds.  

A Little About Roses