Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Peonies Are Right On Time!

Well it seems that although most flowering plants are weeks ahead, the peonies are right on time! Who knew? It is an awkward time for tulips, make sure you leave the foliage on your bulbs to ripen naturally (I know it's ugly but it is crucial for their future). A hint for people who want long lived tulip stands is to plant DEEPLY, 8-10" is common practice.

We've also added the Plant of the Week feature on this page. Don't miss it.

Now on to this week's feature...a fragrant trio. Boy do these shrubs (I can't say bush) pack a punch!

Rosa rugosa hybrids: hardy, aromatic, and featuring luscious petals that look good enough to eat.

Magnolia virginiana: aka Sweet Bay Magnolia, intoxicating fragrance and flowers that last for 3 months (try to get that out of a Bradford Pear)!

Abelia mosanensis: graceful, hardy, and showstopping good smells!

All are easy to grow and are in bloom now at Mohonk Mountain House. Why not come visit on the Garden Day Pass and bring some friends!

Next week peonies and Memorial Day poppies


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Whirlwind Week of Gardening!

Wow! What a whirlwind weekend of high brow horticulture in Litchfield Hills. First, Saturday I joined the buying frenzy at Trade Secrets held at Lion Rock Farm. Wonderful plants of all makes and models for sale. (I did spot Martha). Pictured here are some shoppers eyeing groovy shrubs from Broken Arrow Nursery.

Then back on Sunday for the Trade Secrets garden tour. Lovely to say the least and if you ever get a chance to visit Bunny Williams' garden in Falls Village (CT) do! Oh and I thought I might drop by White Flower Farm to see if the Wisteria was in bloom. BINGO check out that photo on this page.

Fans of the blue koi have seen her swimming in the Mohonk fountain, AND in the "very good news department" our garden interns have arrived and we went right to work on the renovation of one of the Long Arbor Borders. We are planning on a full season of pastel-hued perennials here. Starting with Hellebores in April and ending the season with Korean Mums. Welcome to Cory and Ryan, boy will they be busy!

..........and one more thing, how about the blue of this Salvia patens 'Patio Light Blue' yesssssssssssssssss!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Welcome back!

As I write, we are expecting a frost this evening. The truth about frost is that 32 degrees F is not a killing frost. That's 28 degrees F or "black frost." Often these "extremes" of temperature happen around the full moon which is two weeks away. So we press on regardless and don't worry about the pansies (pansies are tough, they just can't take the heat).

My featured blue plant is Camassia coerulea. It is quite showy this week both in the Show Garden and the Long Arbor border at Mohonk Mountain House. Planted in the fall, this is a hardy bulb that fills that awkward gap between spring bulbs and early perennials. Of course we source it from our good friends at Scheepers in Bantam, CT. Camassia is native and fairly deer resistant...what's not to like?

Oh, and speaking of BLUE, I have my eye on this blue Koi for the Mohonk fountain. A lovely variety called Shusui, she (I'm told) has stunning markings of deep orange. Who knows? She might be swimming here by the weekend. My buddy at Sugar Loaf Koi, Matt Corino has groovy fish of all varieties. I'm like a kid in candy store there. this weekend to a high brow plant sale and garden tour in western Connecticut...I'll keep you posted.


Friday, May 7, 2010

News from the Gardens!

Friday, May 7, 2010
News from the Gardens!
Hello fellow fans of horticulture and welcome to my new blog!

Each week I'll try to keep you abreast of the gardening happenings at Mohonk Mountain House and in my travels. I hope it's informative, entertaining, and keeps you "in the loop."In my premier edition, I want to make you aware of three things from the "git go"'
  • First, the 2010 show garden is featuring all blue plants. This is considered a horticultural feat and we hope you follow the progress this season. Check out this photo of Anchusa 'Blue Angel.' That should get your mouth watering.
  • Second, we're launching an exciting new promotion for garden lovers: The Mohonk Garden Pass. It allows garden enthusiasts to come to Mohonk for the day with special parking privileges, a map for a self guided tour and "gardener's only" discounts at the greenhouse that day and more. Click here for more details.
  • Third, it's Wisteria time here on the mountain and here are the pictures prove it. Thanks to the diligent pruning efforts over the last several years by yours truly and Grounds Supervisor Trevor Harvey (pictured), the vines are lovely (and fragrant too)!