Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Peonies Are Right On Time!

Well it seems that although most flowering plants are weeks ahead, the peonies are right on time! Who knew? It is an awkward time for tulips, make sure you leave the foliage on your bulbs to ripen naturally (I know it's ugly but it is crucial for their future). A hint for people who want long lived tulip stands is to plant DEEPLY, 8-10" is common practice.

We've also added the Plant of the Week feature on this page. Don't miss it.

Now on to this week's feature...a fragrant trio. Boy do these shrubs (I can't say bush) pack a punch!

Rosa rugosa hybrids: hardy, aromatic, and featuring luscious petals that look good enough to eat.

Magnolia virginiana: aka Sweet Bay Magnolia, intoxicating fragrance and flowers that last for 3 months (try to get that out of a Bradford Pear)!

Abelia mosanensis: graceful, hardy, and showstopping good smells!

All are easy to grow and are in bloom now at Mohonk Mountain House. Why not come visit on the Garden Day Pass and bring some friends!

Next week peonies and Memorial Day poppies



  1. Wow! These plants look fabulous!!

  2. you never miss an opportunity to trash a bradford pear.

  3. you are OTM with that one Cory

  4. Can't Wait To Return Soon To See It All Alive & In Person. Great Job Always Done By The Gardening Staff at Mohonk.


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