Thursday, April 7, 2011


We never are this lucky.

Mulched with beech and oak leaves.

Our perennial Digitalis always rot so it is rare if we get this.

Digitalis grandiflora

We were circumspect and in the eleventh hour (November), mulched heavily with beech and oak leaves.

Our plants (thanks to adequate snowfall) came through like this.

Heavy mulch protects those sensitives leaves from harsh winter weather.

We always have this,

Digitalis grandiflora

The Digitalis grandiflora is tried and true.

And now all the yellow can be joined with all this pink.

Digitalis mertonensis Strawberry Foxgloves

...........You too can insure your perennial foxgloves make it through by providing protection against harsh winter temperatures. And they fool you because they look so lush and indestructible in the fall. Do not be fooled, those leaves are sensitive and wither when the thermometer plunges. On top of that, if ice forms in the crown, dead.

So, we can't wait for June.


  1. Thanks for the advice! I suspect mine are all kaput. But there's always hope for next year...

  2. Hello:-) I live in North of Norway, in Lofoten. i bought 5 digitalis strawberris and 4 of them are still alive this moment. It`s 10 degrees outdoors, but I hope for a better summer than last year. Then it was 10 degrees all summer....Have a nice summer


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