Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Some September Scenes

Alas, we have been quite occupied cleaning up after our three storms.  Irene, Katia, and Lee left us with plenty to do. After the clouds finally drifted away and the rain gauges stopped overflowing, I headed out to document some of the remarkable plants that seemed unscathed by it all.  Over all we look quite chipper. See if you agree.

A second flush from Delphinium  'Pennant White'   always welcome.

The best of the new Phlox  hybrids,  'Flame White' (in my opinion).

Only 2 years old, a Hungarian species of daisy,  Leucanthemella serotina.

Pink ball Dahlias -- still putting on quite a show in the Lollipop Forest
of our Candy Land themed garden.

I always forget we have them and then POW, 
the autumn crocus, Colchicum autumale.

A new planting of Anemone japonica
This one is a cup-shaped hybrid, 'Rosenschale'.

New England Aster:
Aster 'Wonder of Staffa' and Artemisia 'Silver Queen' spill over a stone edge.

Clematis ternifolia covers a short rustic arbor and grows into the nearby birches.

I shouldn't forget our sentry, Moe - an immature red-tailed hawk who
moved in to work on our vole population. Job well done!

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