Thursday, November 10, 2011

Indian Summer

Well, it's a full moon and the temperatures are in the 60s. Yes, it’s "Indian Summer."   I've always wondered where that name came from.  I thought it was connected to the last days of the season after frost had brought everything to a screeching halt. Wikipedia has shed some new light to that theory. Check that out next time you are "Googling". 

Just the other day I was saying that this time of year is a big tease. The weather is warm, the plants are going dormant and are easily moved, and the maintenance pressure is off. Too bad we don't have 3 weeks of this. Alas, the tides could turn at any minute. 

So, at least for now, we can let our guard down and enjoy the last fading moments of the season.  Here is a sample of what I call the "Last of the Mohicans.

First, the great grandpa of trees, the 114-year-old weeping beech at Mohonk Mountain House stands formidably against the autumn sky. It's autumnal splendor is breathtaking!
114-year-old weeping beech at Mohonk Mountain House
Next, the "Last Rose of Summer," 'Dublin Bay,'  a blood-red climber at the valet entrance, who will not give up.

'Dublin Bay' rose


Ornamental cabbage 'Color Up White'

 As always, the ornamental Brassicas color up nicely in the cold and defy the upcomig snow squalls.

Iris 'Immortality'a reliable re-bloomer so popular in gardening today.
Yes, it blooms in May and AGAIN in November!
Iris 'Immortality'

Who doesn't love Japanese Beautyberry?   
This Callicarpa japonica is screaming for attention in the setting sun.

Callicarpa japonica

We'll talk again during decorating season, but for now............
Get out and enjoy what's left of Indian Summer!

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