Thursday, June 17, 2010

Alliums Are As Easy To Grow As Onions!

Oh boy, there's alot to talk about, but first introductions all around to the summer interns. Pictured left to right Cory McCurdy, Ryan Chaney and Tom Kievit. Of course Head Gardener Kim Fusaro, front and center and yours truly backstage. We are havin' a great time gardnin' here at the big house.

We didn't make 8 feet :(  The three year old English delphs are just about 7 feet high, DARN. The purple varieties shown below are hand pollinated stock from the RDS (Royal Delphinium Society)... you know, across the pond. Well, we keep trying.

Oh right, blue flowers......... here's some goodies, Allium azureum and Delphinium bellamosum. The shades are so groovy, but they don't really come across in these shots. Oh yeah, another excuse for a Mohonk visit! Alliums are as easy as onions to grow and the seedling species delphs like bellamosum can be sowed directly into good garden soil right at home.

Good News! The pots along Lake Porch are up and lookin' spiffy. Begonias, of course, accompanied by fuchsias, plectranthus, and friends. This summer make sure your containers are well watered and fertilized. We use both timed release pellets and liquid organics. "Feeding is Fundamental"

Flag Day, Father's Day can only mean that summer is upon us!

CU Next Time,

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