Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Solstice, Longwood, and 8 foot Delphs

Still busy, busy as we hit the summer solstice! It won't be long now as the days are getting shorter! Autumn leaves, it's right around the corner...SORRY.

Last weekend I caught some drum corps in Pennsylvania and bunked with friends in Kennett Square. That's right, off to Longwood to see what's up. This trip I was intrigued by two orchids (big surprise). I'm sharing the photos. That scary one is Stanhopea, a South American epiphyhte that lives in cooler conditions high in the trees. The intense fragrance of vanilla does not permeate the blog page but is was a WOW.

The other three pointed flower belongs to Disa uniflora. This time a South African terrestrial that requires ultra moist soil conditions. Just lovely, you can see why I'm smitten.

An update from last week! We did make it! The 3 year English delphs did make 8 feet(actually 8' 5") Intern (and Mr. Sustainability) Tom Kievit shown here with the proof. He 's ecstatic about the bragging rights. You can also see how wonderful this stand looks. We are super proud.

Think "Blue"(some Mohonk guests even come dressed appropriately)  and we'll see you next time... 

Gartenmeister (complete with new headshot)

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