Friday, September 17, 2010

My... Things Have Grown

Power Plaza

I just turned around and WHAM the Power Plaza planting is going "Bananas."

Castor Beans and "Grand Daddies"

I jumped into one shot so you could get a proportion. I'm 6' 4".............the castor beans in front are loaded with seeds and the "grand daddies" in back must be over 15'. Remember these are annuals.

Red Abyssinian "Bananas"

The Red Abyssinian "Bananas" are as monstrous as ever! There must be a gardener hiding in there somewhere?


Yes, things have grown. The koi in the fountain are fattening up for winter (aren't they cute?). 

Scoparia 'Mellangolly Blue'

Over in the blue corner, a pleasant surprise, Scoparia 'Mellangolly Blue' has rebloomed with the return of cooler weather and some rain. Scoparia is a nice powder blue colored ''shrublet" not often found but grown as an annual.

Eucalyptus 'Silver Dollar'

Andrew, more blue please. OK.  Eucalyptus 'Silver Dollar'. These seedlings really shine in the early fall sunlight.

'Heavenly Blue' Morning Glories

 And more? Perfectly blue morning glories aptly named 'Heavenly Blue.'

P.S. The quiet midweek days are an ideal time to visit on our Garden Pass. 
Talk to you next week.



  1. things look great! nice to know i was a part of it! how are the seed beds we planted in the showgarden?

  2. You will not believe the Cerinthe, I'll send you a photo ( i think i know who chalaney is)


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