Friday, September 24, 2010

The Seedy Side of Gardening

I was just lookin' around at the fall garden and was reminded that it's not just about flowers, what about fruit?

'Carmencita Pink' Castor Bean

These Ricinus (castor beans) have really intriguing seed stalks containing spiny globes that look like medieval weapons. Of course with beguiling shades of pink and red.

'Carmencita Red' Castor Bean

 'Japanese Beauty Berry' Callicarpa

In sharp contrast are the glossy 'Barney' purple clusters of Callicarpa or Japanese Beauty Berry. They remind me of a bawdy shade of lipstick.

Sweet Bay Magnolia

Then from some other planet are these "creatures" in the Magnolia virginiana. These seeds are borne in an aggregate of follicles (go ahead, Google that, I dare ya). Other Worldly to say the least.  

Northern Sea Oats


Much more common are the Northern Sea Oats and Chasmanthium. You can almost here them rustling in the breeze.

Clematis 'Mrs. Robert Brydon'

Finally, Cousin Itt joins us from the Clematis Genus. These swirling, furry   dervishes stop traffic in the Show Garden.

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  1. The gardens look all the blue..I can get never get enough blue flowers!
    Thanks so much for the tour.

    Happy Gardening


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