Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Did You Miss Me?

I lost last week.......don't know where it went.......maybe I was in the throws of Holiday decorating? You should see the Mohonk Mountain House, the trees are fresh and nicely decorated. We always try to be tasteful and slightly understated (with just a hint of glitter) :-)

Between the trees, roping, garland, poinsettias and kissing balls we sneak out and finish up the winter preparation. Fences go up to protect from wildlife and cross country skiers, a very light mulch of beech or oak leaves to shelter all those late transplants and under our breath we pray for snow cover. Not only is it good for business, it's nature's blanket which insulates plants from winter cold.

Indoors, we have one eye on Christmas and the other on SPRING. You should too. Go over all those plans and orders and make last minute changes. We seem to have plenty of last minute changes (in January). And then the Thompson and Morgan catalog comes and .................time to order more seeds!

I think next week I'll bore you with my ode to the punished Poinsettias.........



  1. where are the pictures of the house decorations? indiana wants to see!

  2. we at the CIA have another name for Oscar...miss you all!A.


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