Monday, November 22, 2010

Winter Interest

I actually took a Sunday drive this week and was reminded of what a calm, peaceful time of year it is. This is really our season of winter interest. No snow yet, bare naked trees, grass heads blowin' in the breeze. We gardeners live for this! I read an interesting article in the New York Times from November 4th on the ins and outs of putting your garden to bed. You should read it! 

Boy, we are not done yet.............I'd like to throw some more mulch down on those plants I just transplanted last week. When is Thanksgiving? THURSDAY?  Well it will have to wait. It is a reminder to pot up Paperwhite Narcissus for Christmas bloom. I like shallow glazed bowls and natural pebbles. "Easy as Pie" (like that's easy).

Let me see if I can find some shots of winter interest...................

There, Fern on Moss    Laurel Ledge Road
Fern on Moss
Holly in the Holly     Mohonk red border

Holly in the Holly

               Winter Koi Spa      Mohonk Lake porch
Winter Koi Spa

OK ......GTG .......TTYL.............LYMI


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