Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You can't hide from the calendar

This week's title comes from a good piece of advice I got from a very wise person (I forgot who). Anywho, this is that time of year! I just wish I had 3 more weeks of this Indian Summer before Thanksgiving and Christmas, and all that jazz. But, alas we are down to the wire. I hope you got all your bulbs in (outdoors). You can't just throw them in the fridge and plant them in spring. We (who are hiding from the calendar) are still potting tulips in the "g" house for forcing inside. After potting they winter in the basement (which is wet) and we bring them up into the warmth after an extensive rooting period (12=16 weeks).

I am guilty of trying to fend off the holidays by getting as much done outside as possible. It seems there is no spring any more, at least no time for big garden projects. So I've been busy getting a new Delphinium border together this fall. You'll get to behold the rewards in June.

Geeze, I better get back out there while the temperatures remain above freezing............I'm leaving with one picture from the archives.... caption Where's Waldo?


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