Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Google This.......

Oh we are connected at the hip to our computers these days, aren't we?  So as I listen to Simply Red "Fairground" on Youtube, I want to share some websites with y'all...........

Who has time to read gardening magazines? Not me when a friend hands me one, I feel guilty and peruse at my own risk.  Voila, a great article about a well respected friend in the latest Garden Design.  Amy Goldman is a Dutchess County resident when she is not traveling the planet on her crusade to reintroduce heirloom vegetables to the human populus.  Her "back 40" is a living museum and you will never meet a more elegant or eloquent person.
Find her in cyberspace at

Bulb planting season is winding down. Sometimes it feels like a necessary evil, and then you realize it is the easiest way to get a huge bang for your buck with relatively little effort.  Bulbs are clean, light and easy on the pocketbook.  So what was I groaning about?  ............Still time for tulips and lilies, and (trust me on this one) the bulb connection is Scheepers in Bantam, Conn.

So while you're driving on the internet highway, Google this.............Planting Fields Arboretum, Chanticleer, Chicago Botanical Garden, House of Flowers, and Piping Rock Orchids.................there that will keep you busy  :-)


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  1. ... and Van Engelen ("sister site" to Scheepers) is having and end of season 40% off sale:!


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