Monday, November 1, 2010

This is it

Yes, I guess the growing season is over: 4 days with lows in the 20s and highs in the 40s is a reality check to get all those garden chores done.  So, we are doing just that!  The last of the bulbs get planted (lilies in the cutting garden), moving delphiniums to the Long Arbor (taking a risk, but I will mulch around the crowns), and cleaning out all the excess debris in the beds. That should keep us busy until Thanksgiving (which is only weeks away).

Malus 'Donald Wyman'
Malus 'Donald Wyman'
Korean Mums

There is still some color...........Malus 'Donald Wyman' looks more like a cherry than an apple and those Korean mums are still going strong! 


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