Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not Delphiniums Again

Yes, yes, I cannot be stopped.  I am reminded of my quest for Mohonk to become your Delphinium headquarters as we are in the midst of starting all that seed in the greenhouse.  There have to be dozens of varieties including the New Millennium hybrids we’ve acquired from the breeders in New Zealand.  You, too, can revel at their efforts by surfing to
Yes, yes, I cannot be stopped.  All your perennials including delphs are enjoying the protection from the sub-zero temperatures with all this snow cover.  I know; I asked for it and my wish was granted.

No more stopping.  Back to seed starting.  Most delphiniums require a stint in the fridge to raise the germination rate.  We are moving out the food and moving in the flats.  Anything for the plants, we’ll just get take-out.

Below is some inspiration on a cold winter’s day.  Our valiant efforts will soon pay off as June will be here before you know it.  Promise.

Diamonds Blue
English Blues
RDS Purples

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