Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Blog from Der Rosenmeister

Good News! (we could use some) Our "go to guy" for hardy, fragrant, can't-kill-'em-if-you-tried roses is hosting  a new blog. Its title is  "Thorny Issues"............cute. He (Leon Ginenthal) has a small container nursery at his home in Ithaca and specializes in mainly European varieties that are tough as nails. Who doesn't need that in a rose? Please become a follower - 
Just in case you forgot what roses can look like, I found these babes, all from our rose garden and all for you on this frigid, snow ensconced February day.

Rosa "John Cabot"
Rosa "Autumn Sunset"

Rosa complicata

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  1. Thanks for letting your readers know about my blog. We need to get together to talk roses and gardening soon.



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