Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Clivia are killer. These long, cool, frost-free autumns have done them well. After a major repotting and dividing session several years ago, the new divisions are established and setting loads of spikes.

I think that’s true for a lot of potted plants after major surgery. Roots need time to settle in and plants won’t bloom well ‘til they are comfy, cozy in their pots.

Our Clivia collection is comprised mostly of “Flame” Hybrids, which I think are Australian. We were also given one of those “coveted-by-collectors” hybrids ‘Sir John Thouron’.

You know them from the Philadelphia Flower Show—those incredible pale yellows that remind one of lemon gelato. Last year, a long time guest surprised us with a box load of divisions from yet another one of these yellows.

The “youngins” are still in 4” pots so we have some time (5 years) before we can expect spikes. Why doesn’t everyone grow Clivia? They are just too easy.

Lower light levels are preferred, not too hot; they can dry out between watering. (You actually have no choice.) POC as they say online. There enough said, it’s Clivia time and this is a better year than most.

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