Tuesday, March 20, 2012

On this first day of Spring

Lucky me, I had the honor of visiting Cheryl Karpeichik, the Head Gardener at
White Flower Farm to share trade secrets on the culture of Tuberous
Begonias. I always say, get advice from successful people and Cheryl was
most obliging. We are pictured here in a warm propagation house looking for
signs of growth pushing up through the soil. WFF still supplies the finest
varieties the world has to offer from the House of Blackmore and Langdon in
Bristol, UK that is.

We at Mohonk raise the finest varieties from California, highlighted in
this display off the Lake Porch. I find the growing conditions to be quite
ideal there. Filtered morning sun and protection from high winds or
torrential rain is the key.

So as spring arrives one month early and gardeners are scurrying about
preparing for the season, we still take time to expand our knowledge base
and make more friends.

Featured below are English Hybrids grown by Cheryl Karpeichik, the Head Gardener of the White Flower Farm.


  1. Andrew, what a beautiful job you and all the Staff at Mohonk do to keep Mohonk so beautiful. We enjoyed your Hydrangea walk last year and also the Candyland Lane theme. Can't wait to see what you will name it this year. I think you mention it to us. Counting the day till we C U again..... Ed S.

  2. Andrew,
    What a great garden you have there, so beautiful, I love the Hydrangea and white flowers setting you have arranged in the garden.
    I look forward to come visit soon.

    Question the Candyland bloomed last late summer what type of flowers are they?

    Paul, 39 :)


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