Friday, April 6, 2012

Something Old, Something New

Boy, spring came on in a big hurry and then BAM- it came to a screeching halt. That's good news for gardeners who need to catch up. So, as we carry on with chores like pruning and raking, there's always time to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. Plant friends that is. Topping the old friend list is Helleborus. I know I go on and on about these perennials but, "Why not?"  Their colors are exquisite, the flowers arrive early and the plants remain evergreen all season. Our new friend is a fall planted bulb called Corydalis solida.  Fumewort in the encyclopedia, is a European that looks much like Dicentra but a month earlier. Let's see how this new kid measures up to mountaintop living. Got to go, no rest for the weary you know!

Corydalis silda
Helleborus Orientalis 'Winter Joy Bouquet'
Another Helleborus Orientalis

- Gartenmeister
p.s. Here’s a list of plant recommendations for Deer infested gardens- feel free to share!


  1. Beautiful ~ I absolutely LOVE the Hellebores ~ Spring makes me happy :)

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  3. With the weather settling down, we are now thinking about our garden and also Mohonk's Prize Winning Display. We had Andrew last year but forgot what he said their garden theme would be this year. Candyland was our favorite to show our pictures to all when we came home. The direction sign was so special to show you the way thru the garden. Soon April will give way to May and the gardening season will be in full swing. Compliments to Tom, Andrew and the Gardening Staff for all the worthwhile time they will be on their knees for US!


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