Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm not in love with these plants, but...

The Brugmansias are blooming their heads off and all are agog! (I'm not in love with these plants but...) The fragrance is sweet and wafts everywhere on warm summer evenings. (I'm not in love with these plants but....) The dramatic effect is stunning as you walk down greenhouse road at Mohonk (I'm not in love with these plants but...) I'm about the only one! Luckily, Tom is around to help pick up all the debris that drops everyday. (That's why I'm not in love).

The Lantana standards are nearby and much easier to love.

p.s. Amy Eggers (ex Mohonk greenhouse specialist) came by to say goodbye to the Ball State University interns...thought you should know.


  1. I just returned from my yearly trip to Mohonk. Every year the flowers always take my breath away!

    As an artist I almost fainted with delight upon seeing the blue gardens!! Thanks for your fabulous work.

  2. WOW..................almost fainted, are sure it wasn't the heat? thanks for the compliment andrew


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