Friday, August 20, 2010


OK I think the rains are back (THANK GOD!) and the nights are cooler (SHHH), so we seem to have more energy and even a smile on our faces.

So...UPDATE: Thought I'd show you a better shot of the Bruggies (that's slang for Brugmansia).

Those intriguing Aristilochia are blooming again. Tropical vines related to the Northern hardy Dutchman's Pipe...and it looks like the grounds/gardening crew don't know if they're coming or going?

UPDATE: My buddy Harold looks perplexed, but it is 6:00 a.m. and it's hard paying attention to the plants and the garage customers at the same time...remember back in my July blog?

UPDATE: Donna Stanley stopped by to check on the progress of the "sphere". Here she is discussing Morning Glory culture and the promise of things to come with Tom (his better side in the picture above)...remember when Tom and Ryan were planting contortionists back on July 15th?

There, now you've got the update, Garden Holiday coming up soon...I hope it doesn't stop raining...

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