Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sheet Mulch Shenanigans!

Just shoot me! It’s one of those times when I know I’ve got too much on my plate and of course I’m going to start a new project. This one’s been in the works for quite some time. We’re building a blue border! (You’re surprised) just off the upper cutting garden fence. The technique we’re using is called sheet mulching. It’s kind of like making lasagna. Several layers are involved. Let me take you through the steps:  
  1. A grassy area is string trimmed down and rototilled.
  2.  Wood chips are added (6 inches) and tilled.

3. A cardboard layer sets atop the chips, make sure it overlaps

4.  Add 4 inches of healthy compost.

5. Next 6-8 inches (at least) of straw on top. Wet this down well. 

If all goes well, we should be able to plant in late September. NOTE: We tilled because we want to plant quickly. If we were to wait until spring, we could have skipped that step. Wish us luck!

And yes, it’s Fair time! Our neighboring county, Dutchess, hosts a delightful county fair—celebrating 165 years. Yours-truly judges there with some regularity, this year being no exception. I wanted to show you some shots of the horticulture building and introduce you to a dear friend and the Grand Dame, Marge Griffin (below). She’s been a major force in the success of this show for years and once again my hat goes off to her.

That’s it for now… ON TO GARDEN HOLIDAY!


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